Hello and we're looking forward to your upcoming event!  As part of our coordination process we require you to fill out the Banquet Event Order to assure a wonderful event experience.  Please note all fields and marked details are required to host your event at our venue.  The form will not submit to us if all fields and information have not been filled out.  Please also email us at with any required forms to host your event at Midpointe Event Center.  Thank you and we look forward to hosting your upcoming event!


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Please provide us a contact person other than yourself to contact on the day of your event. Often times the host of the event is unavailable due to a busy schedule. We'll need to get a hold of someone in the event we can't reach you.
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Date Of Event
Please note last minute changes in guest count count may result in additional fees. Please refer to your contract.
Please provide the following: - Caterer name - Caterer phone & email - Arrival & setup time, - Buffet style or plated ***You will need to provide the catering license and/or food waiver to If the catering license and/or food waiver is not received 14 days before the event, food service at the venue will be strictly prohibited.
List All Beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) that you will be providing if a host bar was chosen. If the venue is providing bartenders, please see your contract for any additional bartenders that will be need and additional fees to be payed. Please note - when a host bar has been chosen, the client is responsible for supplying all cups, napkins, straws, garnishes, and ice. No alcohol is allowed in the Suite in the back. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on tables and must be served at the bar for our licensed bartenders. Failure to comply will result in confiscation or alcohol and a $250 fine.
Please provide the vendor name, contact name, contact phone and email, and arrival and setup time.
Please provide the name of the decor company, contact name, arrival & setup time, time decor will be removed (all decor must be removed following the event - no exceptions)
Please provide company name (if applicable), contact name, phone number & email, arrival time for setup/sound check. The Arrival Time also includes a training session with our A/V system - the A/V training is mandatory when accessing our sound system per the A/V waiver.
Please provide a color scheme for overhead theatrical lights, and LED up lighting. Please provide detailed instructions for closing or fanning drapes along mirrors and side ballrooms.
Please provide the company name(s), contact person, contact phone & email, and setup and tear down times for any additional vendors.
The following documents will need to be signed and dated for you to host your event with us. Failure to supply these forms may result in an event cancelation. If you have questions please email Please click the checkbox to confirm you have supplied the forms.
Please supply any additional notes about your upcoming event
By submitting this form you agree that all of the information requested has been verified and is accurate. Please note any changes to the information you have provided may result in additional inventory and service fees. If you have questions before submitting the form, please call us at 651-641-7544. Thank you!