Midway Development Update


On Wednesday, September 13th, RK Midway’s Rick Birdoff, Owner of the MN United Dr. Bill McGuire and a Representative of Mortenson Construction met with the tenants of the Midway shopping center to give an updated timeline for the upcoming development as well as how the impact will affect the surrounding businesses.

Mr. Birdoff started the meeting by ensuring the tenants that “we (our section of the Midway Center) will be staying for an extended period of time and that (he) wants to help us all continue to be successful”. Birdoff confirmed that the portion of the Midway Shopping Center that will be torn down will be the section that houses Rainbow Foods, Midway Pro Bowl, Walgreens and Home Choice. It was specifically stated that our portion of the building would not be torn down for some time, if ever. He informed everyone that the redevelopment around the soccer stadium will begin along Snelling Avenue, assuring that it will likely affect our businesses positively.

While the construction creates challenges for us, we are optimistic about the resulting stadium and the redevelopment surrounding it. Midpointe Event Center and Dancers Studio should look forward to having an updated parking lot surrounded by beautiful landscaping and gorgeous trees. As Dr. McGuire eloquently stated, they will attempt to “get rid of the ugly”.

Listed below is information and updates about the future construction that will affect our businesses including guests visiting Midpointe Event Center and Dancers Studio.

Currently, the corner of St. Anthony and Pascal is closed due to work being done by the City of St. Paul. They are anticipating the corner to be closed for one to two more weeks from today, September 18th.

On September 25th, Mortenson will begin redoing our parking lot. This should last three to four days as they remove the center sidewalk, mill, patch, overlay, and stripe. During this week, we will have 26 parking spots along the west fence.

On November 1st, Mortenson construction officially gains access to the portion of the Midway Shopping Center that will be torn down. They anticipate the teardown to begin mid-November along with the Family Dollar store wall. At this time the alley behind the shopping mall will also be closed off.

Construction of the stadium will continue during the winter months and into spring and summer of 2018. By fall of 2018, there will be a new road called Central Avenue leading into an additional parking space on the corner of St. Anthony and Pascal. The soccer stadium plans to open spring of 2019.

Thank you for your patience during this process.

Marcy McHenry

Marcy McHenry | President and CEO
Midpointe Event Center & Dancers Studio